Thoughts to Share


Thoughts to Share;


                                        To God be All the Glory

    Mine: Breastfeeding is a gift from God which cannot be improved upon. Observing how this process helps our children thrive is another example of God’s perfect plan for us and for all creation. Let us always cooperate with His plan. 

    Historically, lactation literature has omitted references to God, as the source of all goodness, of all nature, of all love, as the source of the perfect gift of breastfeeding.

    Please consider the amazing gift of life when you look at a child, please consider the amazing process of breastfeeding and how it nourishes and nurtures children in a way that cannot be duplicated. Please consider that this process is part of God’s plan for creation, and please consider giving thanks to God for all of these blessings.

    I ask you to consider praying that this website be shared with all families so that they may have the information needed to breastfeed naturally. I ask you to pray that this website may be shared with all lactation personnel, nurses, doctors, childbirth instructors, etc. so that they may teach mothers natural breastfeeding techniques and warn them about the poor positioning techniques.

    I ask that you consider praying for the protection of this website and the information in it, that it may never be harmed in any way.

    And lastly, I ask that you share this website with as many people as you can by sending them the name of this website;      

    You may be the only person who shares this information with them. By doing this you can save the breastfeeding relationships of countless babies and mothers. By doing this you can help lactation professionals learn natural breastfeeding techniques and put an end to the suffering that is caused by the poor positioning techniques.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    May God bless you, your families and your loved ones.


   I offer the following as inspirational and educational pieces that I have enjoyed.

Please look at these offerings using the grocery store concept, where you take home from the store the foods  that will work for your family, and leave the rest. Please take from these pieces what will work for your family and leave the rest.

From Saint Francis De Sales;

    -How Love Effects the Union of the Soul with God in Prayer

    -The Pearl

    -The Inward Light of the Holy Spirit

    -On Prayer

From Fr. Frank Pavone;

   -Pro-Life Meditations

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