The Gift of Breastfeeding;

How To Use It Effectively                


    Breastfeeding is a gift to babies, mothers, families, and the planet. It is the most natural and effective way to nourish and nurture children. Breastfeeding offers perfect nutrition, protection from disease for baby and mother, time in mother’s arms for bonding and comfort, all for free. It avoids adding polluting plastic and metal containers to our landfills and eliminates the need of the energy resources required for the processing and delivery of formula. Mother’s milk is a unique living substance for which scientists continue to find previously unknown ingredients and properties.

    When a mother gives of herself to her children in this way, she teaches them that she will be there for them, that she will put aside her other tasks to care for them. In this journey, mothers mature as parents and their model of self-giving teaches children that love means helping others.

    Sadly, the gift of breastfeeding has been tainted by poor information. Breastfeeding techniques used to be taught mother to mother. Natural techniques were taught, babies thrived and mothers benefitted from the many advantages of being a nursing mother. But this has changed.

    Now breastfeeding positions are being taught that create problems, resulting in a product-oriented breastfeeding experience, with many mothers weaning much earlier than they had planned, some pumping and feeding breast milk in bottles.        

    The gift of breastfeeding has been inhibited by the poor positioning information that is currently in lactation literature, on lactation websites, and that is being taught to mothers and babies by many lactation professionals.

    Knowledge of natural breastfeeding techniques is being lost because of a lactation culture that promotes poor positioning techniques. These poor techniques result in latch on problems, insufficient weight gain, soreness, and premature weaning. When these problems arise products are being sold and lactation services sold but the real solution; the correct cradle hold and lap nursing positions, are not being taught.

    We offer our information, information that was taught to us with our babies, to help you learn effective, natural breastfeeding techniques.

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