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                         For Quick Latch On Help with Video

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Breastfeeding Positions   -   Use this page to compare the different breastfeeding positions.

Positions that Help;
    Cradle Hold Text
    Cradle Hold Movie
    Twins  - suggested positions 
    Lap Nursing Hold Text - for mothers with shorter torsoes, whose large breasts can reach baby’s
                               mouth without having to lift baby from lap; see picture on the lap nursing page
    Lap Nursing Hold Movie
    T-Cradle Hold  - for after C-Section Births
    Lying Down Position Text
    Lying Down Position Movie

Positions that Hinder - with Movies;
    Cross Cradle Hold
    Football Hold
    Log Hold

Problems Caused by the Cross Cradle, Football, and Log Holds and their Solutions
Product and Technique Cautions
How to Wean from Products; bottles, nipples shields, SNS (supplemental nursing systems)

Increasing or Decreasing Your Milk Supply - Supply and Demand
Nursing Station Ideas

Mothers Stories - Written by Mothers Who Suffered because 
                                    of the Cross Cradle, Football, and Log Holds

Thoughts to Share;        
         by Saint Francis De Sales
                The  Pearl
                How Love Effects the Union of the Soul with God in Prayer      
                On Prayer
                The Inward Light of the Holy Spirit
          by Fr Frank Pavone
                Pro-Life Meditations

           Let the Children come to Me
            A Christmas Cradle

Links of Interest - Natural Family Planning
                             Protection of the Unborn
                             NPH Orphanages
                             Ethical Stem Cell Research
                             Aid for Women 

Amazing Advantages of Breastfeeding -
    Stem Cells Found in Breastmilk

Quiz Yourself

This Website as an Answer to the Cry for Truth  

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For the mothers who were and are being thwarted in their attempts to nurse their children, 
        Lord, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for help. In this time of trouble I call, for you will answer me. 
                            Psalm 86 : 6-7