Links of interest

  1. 1.Couple to Couple League - for natural family planning information


  1. 2.Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos -

            Our Little Brothers and Sisters Orphanages

                Have cared for abandoned and orphaned children in

                Latin America and the Carribean since 1954.

                The founder, Fr. Wasson, developed an amazing, effective way to

                care for children in areas where the chances of getting adopted

                are very slim. For more information go to;


  1. 3.Holy Love Ministries, Maranatha Spring and Shrine

                For the protection of the unborn.


  1. 4.Priests for Life; for the protection of the unborn


  1. 5.For ethical stem cell research information

        Do No Harm - the coalition of Americans for Research Ethics


  1. 6.Aid For Women - Chicago, Illinois

         Helps protect the unborn and the mothers who choose life.

         Includes help for fathers and resources for those in need.



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