Nursing Station Ideas


Nursing Station Ideas -

  -Many mothers set up one or more areas in their home as nursing stations, such as

        places in the bedroom and the living room

  -We suggest having on hand at all times;

        comfortable chair or extra pillows to lean against in bed

        pure water, glass and pitcher or water bottles

        cloth diaper for burps

        low stool or coffee table for feet, or exercise ball

        light blanket for warmth of baby and mother

        pillows if needed for support of baby; no need to spend extra money, just use what

            pillows are in your home already

        books to read, Bible

        reading lamp

        TV remote control if desired

        healthy snacks such as dried fruit and nuts

        phone and paper and pens for taking phone messages

        quiet toys for older children that want to be nearby as baby nurses; this could

            include a brush and hair clips so older child can do Moms hair while she nurses baby


-Note the mother in the video is multitasking; she gently uses an exercise ball as a stool so that her stomach muscles get some exercise while she nurses!


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