Lap Nursing Hold Movie


     Lap Nursing Hold Movie

    The Lap Nursing Hold is only for women who have a specific body shape. This hold works for women who have shorter torsos and large breasts that reach baby’s mouth as he lies on his side on mother’s lap. Her breasts are large enough to reach baby’s mouth as he rests his head on her lap. Baby is NOT lifted to the breast, he can reach the nipple comfortably with his head resting on mother’s legs.

    While this hold may look similar to the cross cradle hold it is very different. In the

cross cradle hold the mother’s hand is lifting baby to her breast. Holding baby’s head/neck with her hand is what causes wrist and arm soreness and many other problems.

    In the lap nursing hold, baby is supported by mother’s lap. Since mother is not lifting baby with her hand, this breastfeeding position does not create the hand, wrist, and arm pain that the cross cradle hold causes.


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