Twins; Suggested Positions


   We suggest teaching each baby how to nurse in the cradle hold separately before attempting to nurse them simultaneously. Help from fathers is much appreciated at this time! 

    Have a safe place to lay each baby while preparing to nurse. Some moms will put blankets on the floor and sit on the floor with their back against a couch. This lets them lay the baby back down on the floor after nursing is over. Having a cushion for mom to sit on will be more comfortable than sitting  on a floor for any length of time.

    Lay a baby on each side of you. Settle first baby in the cradle hold. Then lift second baby and place against first baby. Latch on second baby. 

    Twins are used to being snuggled up to their sibling in the womb and this position is often very comforting for them.          


  Mother either clasps her hands together to support both babies in the cradle hold or keeps one hand on each baby’s back or bottom.     

   See the Cradle Hold Text and Cradle Hold Movie pages for more information.

     This author asks; why are mothers of twins being taught to use

the cross cradle hold? How does one nurse twins simultaneously in the cross cradle hold? It’s not physically possible, so these mothers listen to one baby cry while nursing the other in the cross cradle hold, each time a baby has to nurse.

    What does this do to the mother’s emotional state? What does this do to the baby waiting to nurse? Please do NOT use the cross cradle hold.


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