Breastfeeding Positions That Hinder;

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        Breastfeeding Positions That Hinder;

Cross Cradle Hold, Football Hold, Log Hold

            Caution; these holds are not recommended

    The cross cradle hold, log hold, and football hold often create breastfeeding problems including

latch on difficulties, nipple soreness, insufficient baby weight gain and weight loss, hand, wrist, arm, neck, and back pain for mothers,  and premature weaning. We do NOT recommend any of these holds at any time.

    For more information see the Problems from the Cross Cradle, Football, and Log Holds  page.

    Watch the above videos and see how babies react to these positions. Note the baby pushing

back towards the hand on the back of his head. This mother said that her wrist really hurt while

doing this short demo.

    Do an experiment for yourself. Hold a 5 pound bag of flour in these positions for 5 minutes.

How does it feel? Imagine holding a baby in these positions for as long as it takes to nurse a

baby each day. Imagine the discomfort you would feel, that would increase as baby grows and gains weight?

            Now watch the comfortable, effective cradle hold!


Breastfeeding Positions

Problems from the Cross Cradle, Football, and Log Hold Positions

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Cross Cradle Hold - CAUTION

Log Hold - CAUTION

Football Hold - CAUTION

Scissors or Cigarette Hand Position - CAUTION