Nursing After a C-Section;   Suggested Positions

After a C-Section Birth;         
    While many mothers are taught to use the football hold after having a c-section birth, we have seen so many mothers having problems from that hold that we caution against it.    
    See Problems from the Cross Cradle, Football and Log Holds page.
      We suggest the T-Cradle hold. This hold is the cradle hold with a slight variation. In this hold the baby's bottom is held up as high as his head, so that his body does not touch the incision area. Leaning back against pillows or the back of the couch allows gravity to help keep baby latched on properly. Baby's body makes a 'T' with mother's body. 
    Please follow information from  the Cradle Hold Text and Cradle Hold Movie pages for more details.
    After the mother’s c-section incision is healed enough for comfort we recommend using the cradle hold or the lap nursing hold.  (The lap nursing hold is only for mothers with a certain body shape).
     T-Cradle Hold - for use after a c-section birth
  -Baby's body makes a 'T' with mother's body

  -pillow can cover mother’s c-section incision and raise baby’s bottom as high as the mother’s other breast, keeping baby away from incision

Lying Down Position
-can be used after a c-section

  Many mothers use the Lying Down Position after a c-section. Some babies take right to the lying down position,  but others may take awhile to learn it. We suggest that you keep trying every few days. It gets easier as baby gets stronger. 
    See the Lying Down Position Text page and the Lying Down Position Movie page for more details.

    Help from husband in bringing baby to mom and helping to place baby into position is much needed and appreciated at this time!

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