Lying Down Position

                        Lying Down or Recumbent Position

    We encourage all nursing mothers to learn how to nurse lying down. It lets mothers get more rest and helps make responding to your baby’s nighttime needs easier. It is also a peaceful way to help baby get to sleep. 
    Some babies will take right to the lying down position; others may need a number of weeks of nursing in the correct cradle hold before mother and baby are comfortable nursing lying down.
    Many mothers who have had c-sections start out with the lying down position. Just place a towel or receiving blanket over the incision to protect it.
    To nurse lying down;
Mother lies on her side, baby is on his side facing her
Place a firm pillow behind mother’s back so she can stay on her side more easily, then she doesn’t have to worry about keeping her balance. Place a firm pillow behind baby’s back to keep him on his side. Hence, both mother and child can more easily sleep while nursing lying down. (view 1) 
Mother can put her arm under baby’s head and shoulders (view 2) or can put her arm above baby’s head on the pillow (view 1), whichever is her preference.
Then, latch on is similar to the cradle hold. Bring baby’s body close to mother’s tummy. Touch baby’s lips with the nipple. Pull in baby by his back for a good latch. Make sure his nose is clear and his hands are out of the way of the nipple. 
Please remember to keep your hand off of his head. 
The lying down position works well because it allows the baby to be an active partner in latch on. The bed supports his head and body while giving him the flexibility to make minor adjustments himself with his mouth for an effective latch on.
To change breasts you can either bring down the upper shoulder and offer the second breast or hold baby to your chest with both arms, roll to the other side carefully, and offer the second breast. (view 3) 
Many mothers nurse lying down comfortably and safely. Always take safety precautions such as not letting baby get caught in the bedding, roll off bed, etc.


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    Many mothers prefer to hold baby on their arm while nursing lying down (view 2). While comfortable for them, one thing to consider is; will baby wake if mother releases him and tries to turn over? 
    Please always remember, a baby’s needs don’t end when the sun goes down.
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