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The Cradle Hold - Natural and Effective
Helps avoid and heal latch-on problems, nipple soreness, wrist, hand, arm, and back pain, and insufficient weight gain problems. 
The cradle hold is effective for all age babies; premature, full-term, and older.
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Psalm 8          Divine Majesty and Human Dignity
O Lord, our Lord, how awesome is your name through all the Earth!
You have set your majesty above the Heavens!
Out of the mouths of babes and infants you have drawn a defense against your foes, 
to silence enemy and avenger.
When I see your Heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you set in place;
What are humans that you are mindful of them, mere mortals that you care for them?
Yet you have made them little less than a god, crowned them with glory and honor.
You have given them rule over the works of your hands, put all things at their feet:
All sheep and oxen, even the beasts of the field,
The birds of the air, the fish of the sea, and whatever swims in the paths of the seas.
O Lord, our Lord, how awesome is your name through all the Earth!

When using the cradle hold;

-set up a nursing station 

     with a comfortable chair,

     a stool or low coffee

     table for the feet, plenty of

     pure water to drink, a

     diaper for spit ups, a

     phone, a book to read, or

     whatever you like

-sitting back against the

     back of the chair or couch

     allows gravity to aid in the

     latch on process

-note how baby’s arms are

     out of the way of the latch

The C-Hand Position;

-4 fingers under the breast,

    thumb is above the breast,

    in a ‘c’ hold

-fingers should be well away

    from the nipple, fingers

    should not get in the way

    of the baby’s mouth when

    trying to latch on

-gently hold breast and

    touch baby’s mouth with


-as baby opens mouth, pull

    baby into breast with

    support arm

-release c-hold of breast if

    breast stays in baby’s

    mouth when you take

    away that hand

Baby should be tummy to tummy with Mom;

-watch this video clip of

   how to get baby tummy

   to tummy while nursing

-if baby has his back down

   on Mom’s lap, he has to

   turn his head to nurse.

   The  weight of his body

    is pulling his head off of

    the breast. This can

    cause sore nipples.

-can you see the

    difference in the video


Mother and Baby;

-effective, nurturing,

    nourishing breastfeeding!