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    After reading this website, if you would like to contact us, we have set up a special email to do so.

    That being said, please do not send hateful emails. We have dealt with many, many lactation professionals who are teaching the poor positions and who refuse to admit that those positions cause problems.

    We continue to work with mothers who are suffering because of the poor positions. Many mothers have weaned prematurely because of the problems the poor positions have caused. We have worked since 1996 to correct the poor positioning information in lactation literature but the lactation authors, editors, and publishers refuse to share our information. They are covering up the problems they are causing and the mothers and babies are the ones who suffer.

    The focus of this website is to get correct natural breastfeeding info straight to the moms. We are tired of spending years of our volunteer time trying to convince the lactation professionals to correct their information while we were helping the mothers to heal. So now we will totally focus our energies  on mothers and their families. Our focus is to try to get effective information to all who want it,

for free, so families have the skills needed to breastfeed for as long as they desire.

    Not everyone wants to breastfeed, but for those who do, let’s make sure they get the information they need to succeed. Please don’t let anyone take that breastfeeding relationship from them by giving them poor information.

    If you would like to email us, we ask that you first read this website completely, including the

Mothers Stories page. Maybe read this website a few times, there is a lot of information here and I believe that it will answer your questions. This information is different from what you will see anywhere else. Then, if you still have a question, copy and paste the below address in the ‘TO:’ space when you compose an email to us;



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He who winks at a fault causes trouble, but he who frankly reproves promotes peace.

                Proverbs 10:10